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The Future of Money on Dossier Journal

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Introducing The Future of Money Project

About This Project On October 25th 2010, Venessa will be presenting a keynote at the SIBOS conference in Amsterdam, the world’s premiere financial services event. We are taking this opportunity to share our perspective with some of the movers and shakers in the financial industry in the form of a 3-5 minute video to accompany […]
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Manifesting the Social API

The Social API Lately there has been quite a bit of dialogue about writing a Social API (application programming interface) so that individuals and organizations can participate in “cross-platform” emergent innovation and action in a modular and plug-and-play manner. In our attempts to define what this Social API would look like, it becomes apparent it […]
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The dirty divine

Since the dawn of man the gap between life in the head and life in the world has gone increasingly out of sync. Back in the day our brains were humble servants to basic human needs, giving us the skill just to survive long enough to mate. That strand of evolution ended soon enough. Today […]
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Let’s Make a Movie!

I experiment with various forms of collaborative storytelling, from Postcards from Berlin to Delivered in Beta (see above). I have been testing various means for restructuring the digital video production process for the last several years, often blurring the boundary between audiences and participants. I’d like to invite you to help us make a new […]
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