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Introducing our Transmediale Interviewees

Reynold Reynolds Influenced by philosophy and science, American-born artist and filmmaker Reynold Reynolds works primarily with 16mm and Super 8mm film as an art medium. He has developed a common film grammar based on transformation, consumption and decay. Reynolds’ depictions frequent disturbed psychological and physical themes, increasingly provoking the viewer’s participation and dismay. He was […]
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Confirmed Interviewee: Caleb Larsen

Caleb Larsen was born in 1979 in a small cabin without a toilet in a remote northern region of Michigan, USA. He has swam in the Arctic Ocean, played Wiffle Ball with Paul Auster, hitch-hiked through the Yukon, assembled bowling pins, worked as an email marketer, made over ten thousand cups of coffee, built vintage […]
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Confirmed Interviewee: Michelle Thorne

Michelle Thorne (@thornet) is the International Project Manager for Creative Commons. She organized the Free Culture Research Conference, and co-chaired Mozilla’s Drumbeat Festival on Learning, Freedom, and the Web, to forge the future of education. She co-founded the Awesome Foundation Berlin, a lightweight association to fund small projects. As a believer in making and doing […]
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Confirmed Interviewee: Mez Breeze

Mez Breeze writes unique “mezangelle” code poetry that has been equated with the work of Shakespeare, James Joyce, Emily Dickinson, and Larry Wall. She has exhibited extensively since the early 90’s (e.g. Wollongong World Women Online 1995, ISEA Chicago + ARS Electronica 1997, The Metropolitan Museum Tokyo 1999, SIGGRAPH 1999 & 2000, _Under_Score_ @The Brooklyn […]
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Confirmed Interviewee: Zeesy Powers

Zeesy Powers is a Toronto-based multi-disciplinary artist whose practice includes performance, painting and social practice. In 2009 she told people exactly what she thought of them in front of a live audience at a corporate “Innovation Conference,” confusing many with her lack of product. In 2008 she gave away $1000 as part of the Zeesy […]
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Confirmed Interviewee: Aaron Koblin

Aaron Koblin is an artist specializing in data and digital technologies. Aaron’s work takes real world and community-generated data and uses it to reflect on cultural trends and the changing relationship between humans and technology. His projects have been shown at international festivals including Ars Electronica, SIGGRAPH, OFFF, the Japan Media Arts Festival, and TED. […]
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Confirmed Interviewee: Régine Debatty

Régine Debatty is a blogger (we make money not art), curator and critic whose work focuses on the intersection between art, science and social issues. She lives in Turin and Brussels.      Tweet Régine Debatty is a blogger (we make money not art), curator and critic whose work focuses on the intersection between art, science and […]
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Confirmed Interviewee: Vincent Moon

Vincent Moon (real name Mathieu Saura) was born in Paris in 1979. At the age of 18, he decided he wanted to see it all, to learn things on his own, out of curiosity, even if that could have led to overfeedin. It took him almost ten years. From that experience, images came out, through […]
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Second Round of Interviewees

Thanks to your support we reached over $3800 in contributions yesterday! We’re very excited about the possibility of reaching our first fundraising goal of $5000. In the meantime we’ve been too busy conducting video interviews to videoblog ourselves. Rest assured more videoblog updates will be on their way in the coming days. Here’s the list […]
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First Round of Interviewees Confirmed!

Since our announcement of the Future of Money project, we’ve gotten a lot of great suggestions and enthusiasm from the community, and have already raised over $1,500 in donations! Thank you for your support! Though we’re still in the process of scheduling interviews for the video, we wanted to share the list of who we’ve […]
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