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Future of Art Handbills

Our station at Transmediale has a ceiling full of bank notes! The notes are actually Future of Art Handbills. They describe and spread the word about our crowdfunding process. If you want to support the creative process donate using paypal or flattr, if you´re a creator apply for the micro-grant. Applications are coming in already. […]
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The Future of Art: Project Patronage

Sustaining the Creative Process It took courage and belief to jump into the Future of Money project crowdfunding experiment. The experience of raising funds to support our work entirely through donations was a validation of our creative process. It showed us that it’s possible today – using free software, online networks and initiative – to […]
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The Future of The Future of Money

As the director and editor of The Future of Money, my intention when conducting and editing the interviews was to get people passionate. I always try to look for the transcendent and ecstatic moments in interviews, because I believe in the power of the sublime to compel people’s attention and manifest action. Given the context […]
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We’re Not Making This Film

After meditating on some of the comments on Venessa’s original entry where she introduces the Future of Money project on her blog Emergent by Design, we felt it might be a good idea to clear up any misunderstanding about what our project is all about. If you watch the trailer for Money & Life above, […]
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It’s All About Goals

Fundraising Goals for The Future of Money Project When you start a project like this one, one in which you’re trying something new and there’s not much out there to study to see how to “do it right” it’s of course possible to make mistakes and learn on the job. In the last couple days […]
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We can have our cake and eat it too.

The question is: is it any way to start a business? To plan things out in the open? No closed doors. No silos. Let’s try this; this fearless exhibition and exploration. Here’s what we know so far: We want to create a brand network entity with an impressive project-based portfolio. Our identity will be people-focused, […]
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