The Future of Money

What are young adults thinking about money and value? How can we create new systems of wealth generation and abundance? What does the future hold for banks and other financial institutions in the wake of massive peer to peer exchange?

“The Future of Money” begins a conversation on these topics and invites your participation (twitter hashtag #futureofmoney)

This video was created as part of Venessa Miemis’ presentation at the SIBOS Conference in Amsterdam, 25 October 2010. The interviews were conducted with participants in America, England, Sweden, Mexico, Germany and Thailand via video Skype calls from Berlin, Germany.

Written by Gabriel Shalom, Venessa Miemis and Jay Cousins
Directed and Edited by Gabriel Shalom
Produced by KS12 with Venessa Miemis
Title Design by Patrizia Kommerell

Featuring (in order of appearance):
Edward Harran, Attention Philanthropist
Caroline Woolard, Our Goods
Alan Rosenblith, Director, The Money Fix
Hans Schoenburg, Founder, GiftFlow
Ashni Mohnot, Founder, Enzi
Linus Olsson, Founder, Flattr
Jerry Michalski, Founder, Relationship Economy Expedition
Georg Zoche, Founder, Transnational Republic
Fernanda Ibarra, Advocate, Metacurrency Project
Jessica Harris, One Blue Dot Share Networks
Michel Bauwens, Founder, P2P Foundation
Douglas Rushkoff, Author, Program or be Programmed

Photos from the series Macro Economics by Kevin Dooley

YACHT “Summer Song Instrumental”
James Collin “Upstairs”
Dreddy Anthem “Acoustic Jammin'”
Patrick Lee “Quittin Time”

Executive Producers:
Chris Skinner, Chairman of the Financial Services Club
SWIFT Innotribe Team
Bernd Nürnberger
Anthemis Group

Sponsored by Maria-Ines Bruckner

Special Thanks:
Flying Binary Ltd.
Scott Smith, Changeist
Edward Harran
Tim Kastelle
Guillaume Lebleu
Jean Russell, Thrivable Inc.
George Pór, CommunityIntelligence
Gavin Keech

CC 2010 BY-NC-SA

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About This Project

On 25 October 2010, Venessa Miemis presented a keynote at the SIBOS conference in Amsterdam, the world’s premiere financial services event. We took this opportunity to collaborate with her during the two months leading up to her presentation. Beginning with pre-production research which started in September and continuing into October when Venessa came to Berlin to collaborate with us in person.


Gabriel Shalom (@gabrielshalom) is an artist, composer and director. His practice combines elements of experimental cinema, video art and musique concrète. He explores the hidden musicality in everyday objects, instruments and situations, using music as a vehicle for the transformation of the mundane into transcendent compositions and patterns. In addition to his work as an artist, he has written and spoken extensively on Hypercubism, his theory of object-oriented aesthetics.

Patrizia Kommerell (@pkommerell) is a transmedia producer and award winning communication designer. She has worked at prominent design agencies including MetaDesign, Triad and chezweitz & roseapple. She recieved a DAAD scholarship to study at the Cleveland Institute of Art. She holds a bachelor of media design from the the Fachhochschule Schwäbisch Hall and was a graduate level student at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe. She is the co-founder of KS12.

Venessa Miemis (@venessamiemis) is a futurist, researcher, and digital philosopher. She is a director of the Foresight Education and Research Network. She is currently a Research Fellow and Masters in Media Studies candidate at the New School in New York City. The focus of her graduate work is on facilitating trust-building, generative dialogue, and open collaboration in networked environments. Her blog, Emergent by Design, probes the ways social technologies are shaping human behavior, thought processes, and the evolution of consciousness.

Jay Cousins (@jaycousins) is a tinkerer, public speaker, and facilitator of group collaboration. He is one of the initiators of Open Design City, a collaborative workshop space at the Betahaus in Berlin. He helped to instigate the DMY Maker Lab and was both fellow and emcee of the Palomar5 innovation camp. In addition to his work creating and disrupting events, he has managed an international distribution and manufacturing network, and developed products from inception to market on a global scale. He’s passionate about linking ideas, thoughts, people and projects.

The Videoblog

We created a series of videoblogs as the project progressed:

A Successful Experiment in Crowdfunding

We were able to raise $5801 in donations supporting our creative process. We created a series of PayPal donation buttons with different amounts, along with a complimentary system of rewards for various levels of patronage. We also set goals for the amount we wanted to raise. We found this system was highly effective at activating our networks and the community around the project, giving them a stake in our process and acknowledging their generosity. This was our patronage system:

Contribute $5 — Friend
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• we’ll interview you about your motivations for supporting us and what you’re working on at the moment that is related, and post to the blog

The Executive Producer Interviews

Universal Subtitles

Fans of the project volunteered their time and skills to translate the subtitles on the YouTube version of the video into French, German, Italian and Spanish. If you’d like to get involved to translate The Future of Money into another language, check out the super-easy-to-use Universal Subtitles website!

The Facebook Page

If you’d like to meet other fans of this project please join us on Facebook. We have enabled the discussion forums to encourage you to air your views and connect with others.

The Infographic

The Future of Money: New Lenses of Wealth

Click the above image to open a 1280px x 1811px PNG file in a new window.
2010 BY-NC-SA Emergence Collective
Research and concept by Gabriel Shalom, Venessa Miemis and Jay Cousins.
Design by Patrizia Kommerell.


You can click the image at the top of this post to download a 1280px x 1811px PNG file. If you want even more resolution you can download one of the PDF versions:

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We encourage feedback and iteration. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA which enables remixes and derivative works as long as they are non-commercial, properly attributed, and licensed under the same license, so please feel encouraged to build upon it.