The Future of Art

About the Project

From the 1st through the 6th of February 2011, we were shooting, editing and screening an immediated autodocumentary video at the Transmediale digital art and culture festival in the House of World Cultures in Berlin. Along with events like Ars Electronica and Future Everything, Transmediale is one of the most significant media art events in Europe. We were honored to be included in the Open Zone, a space which will be open to the public, described in the festival programme as “a social experiment with different social territories that are occupied by artists and media activists”. We are calling this project The Future of Art.

Our goal was a short video which explores questions about the future of art, both in regard to its aesthetics, production, finance, curation, distribution and collection. In addition to conducting interviews at the festival, we were reaching out to several artists in advance of the festival over Skype. Our intention with the Skype interviewees is to extend the discourse beyond the geophysical limits of the festival by including artists who we wish could be here with us in Berlin in February.

Introduction Video

About the Process

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Immediation is immediate mediation – an instant transfer of experience into media, enabling self-reflection and perspective shift. Immediation enables collaborative storytelling via frameworks of participation. Autodocumentary; auto as in autodidactic + documentary. Autodocumentaries are made by the people they are about. Our immediated autodocumentary process has iterated out of works created for Pictoplasma 2009 (Poems for Pictopia), Social Media Week 2010 (Delivered in Beta), DMY Maker Lab 2010 (Chasing the Buffalo) and the Sibos 2010 financial conference (The Future of Money). Much like a “book sprint”, this process will be a fast-paced push to shoot, edit and screen a video, all within the time-limits imposed by the festival.

Open Cultural Production

In the spirit of the Open Zone itself, the output of this project will be made available for free under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. We see our process as contributing to an honest and visionary discourse about the future of art in a way that is beneficial to the general public, artists and non-artists alike. Much in the same spirit of the Future of Money project, we intend the work we do to become a renewable resource for everyone.


Tweet using the #futureofart hashtag. Share your photos from the festival or images you think will be interesting to include in the video in our Flickr group ( Share field recordings or music tracks with us on SoundCloud (​ks12). Answer or ask questions about the future of art on Quora (​future-of-art). Join our Vimeo group and add your contributions for the video (​groups/​futureofart).

Confirmed Interviewees

Vincent Moon
Régine Debatty
Aaron Koblin
Zeesy Powers
Mez Breeze
Michelle Thorne
Caleb Larsen

If You Love Something, Set it Free: Videoblog Episode 1

Update: We’ve decided to make our videoblog public. Limiting access was keeping us from expressing ourselves and it just didn’t feel right.

Introducing Clare Molloy, our resident adjective specialist. In this episode we discuss the motivations for the topic of this project, the multiple roles we’ll be playing as we go along, as well as the interplay of analog and digital processes in the creation of artworks.

Videoblog Episode 2

Reflections on the interview process. Intentions for this year’s festival. Meeting the other Open Zone participants.

Videoblog Episode 3

Creating infographics to communicate about our crowdfunding and micro-grant. Running errands in Berlin, a city which could be the future of art itself. Behind the scenes of the Open Zone at Transmediale.


Gabriel Shalom (@gabrielshalom) is an artist, composer and director. His practice combines elements of experimental cinema, video art and musique concrète. He explores the hidden musicality in everyday objects, instruments and situations, using music as a vehicle for the transformation of the mundane into transcendent compositions and patterns. In addition to his work as an artist, he has written and spoken extensively on Hypercubism, his theory of object-oriented aesthetics.

Patrizia Kommerell (@pkommerell) is a transmedia producer and award winning communication designer. She has worked at prominent design agencies including MetaDesign, Triad and chezweitz & roseapple. She recieved a DAAD scholarship to study at the Cleveland Institute of Art. She holds a bachelor of media design from the the Fachhochschule Schwäbisch Hall and was a graduate level student at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe. She is the co-founder of KS12.

Clare Molloy is an east London girl made good. She’s skeptical about biography and the way it manipulates the presentation of the self – having written a dissertation on how Gertrude Stein did just that while getting her BA in reading books and writing about them. She likes to work on things involving international-touring-DJs and internationally-exhibiting-artists and so she writes the words for electronic music record label Stroboscopic Artefacts and works at the gallery Peres Projects. Bio picture by Trevor Good.

transmediale.11 trailer by Emilia Forstreuter (director) and ®, sound design by Sam Spreckley