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Our Work is Never Over

Zachary McCune is a digital artist and scholar focusing on issues of culture and cultural production. From ice hockey to Myst, and from documentary production to interactive media design, Zack lives at the intersections between media culture, production, and society. Zack caught us at the Transmediale festival and produced this short video interview with me […]
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Future of Art Handbills

Our station at Transmediale has a ceiling full of bank notes! The notes are actually Future of Art Handbills. They describe and spread the word about our crowdfunding process. If you want to support the creative process donate using paypal or flattr, if you´re a creator apply for the micro-grant. Applications are coming in already. […]
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Future of Art Videoblog: Episode 3

Creating infographics to communicate about our crowdfunding and micro-grant. Running errands in Berlin, a city which could be the future of art itself. Behind the scenes of the Open Zone at Transmediale. Tweet Creating infographics to communicate about our crowdfunding and micro-grant. Running errands in Berlin, a city which could be the future of art […]
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Immediated Autodocumentary Infographic: How to Participate in the Future of Art

Distributed Collaborative Storytelling This infographic shows how our project opens up and implodes the traditional documentary making process into a fluid, iterative cycle. And that’s where you come in. Rather than building a customized participatory website for this project, we’ve opted to distribute our efforts across the social media that we imagine you are already […]
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Introducing the Future of Art Project, an Immediated Autodocumentary

We’re making an immediated autodocumentary at Transmediale 2011. Participate by sharing your thoughts and media with us: Tweet using the #futureofart hashtag. Share your photos from the festival or images you think will be interesting to include in the video in our Flickr group ( Share field recordings or music tracks with us on SoundCloud […]
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If You Love Something, Set it Free: Future of Art Videoblog: Episode 1

Update: We’ve decided to make our videoblog public. Limiting access was keeping us from expressing ourselves and it just didn’t feel right. Introducing Clare Molloy, our resident adjective specialist. In this episode we discuss the motivations for the topic of this project, the multiple roles we’ll be playing as we go along, as well as […]
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Don’t Flinch: Lessons Learned from a Venture Capitalist about Storytelling

Inspiration comes from the strangest places sometimes. When Venessa and I were in Amsterdam last year at the SIBOS international banking conference I made the accquaintance of Eghosa Omoigui, a technology investor and start-up advisor. Eghosa was participating in SIBOS as an Innotribe venture capital advisor in the process of evaluating different ideas for banking […]
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Introducing The Future of Art

transmediale.11 trailer by Emilia Forstreuter (director) and ® sound design by Sam Spreckley About the Project From the 1st through the 6th of February 2011, we will be shooting, editing and screening an immediated autodocumentary video at the Transmediale digital art and culture festival in the House of World Cultures in Berlin. Along with events […]
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Crowdfunding 101: 5 Questions to Consider

overview of crowdfunding effort for the Future of Money project
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The Future of The Future of Money

As the director and editor of The Future of Money, my intention when conducting and editing the interviews was to get people passionate. I always try to look for the transcendent and ecstatic moments in interviews, because I believe in the power of the sublime to compel people’s attention and manifest action. Given the context […]
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