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Crowdfunding 101: 5 Questions to Consider

overview of crowdfunding effort for the Future of Money project
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Invest in the Process, Not Just the Product

Now that the whirlwind week of interviews for the Future of Money project has come to a close, we’ve been able to turn our focus to the layout and design of the personalized Open Innovation Certificate. (We’re creating these for everyone who donates $100 or more.) Thanks to the work of Patrizia Kommerell, our graphic […]
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The Rise of Collaborative Consumption

(crossposted from Emergent by Design) A few weeks ago, I got a copy of Rachel Botsman’s new book, What’s Mine is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption. The general theme of the book is that we’re shifting away from a society of hyper-consumption and equating personal self-worth with amount of material good accumulated, and instead […]
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Junto: overview of concept, philosophy, and components

Hi all! In the past few months, there has been a lot of excitement and momentum building around the Junto concept, which has been great, and expanded all of our views of where it could go. I just wanted to take the time to reclarify the philosophy, definition, and components of Junto, so that we know what steps can be carried out to bring the vision closer to a reality. Thanks again for everyone’s involvement in this collective learning and building process!
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