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A look at OpenIDEO – Enabling Innovation

I just stumbled across OpenIDEO (thanks to @technoshaman) – an open innovation platform for social good. After a challenge is posted at, the three development phases – inspiration, concepting, and evaluation – are put into motion. Community members can contribute in a variety of different ways, from inspirational observations and photos, sketches of ideas, […]
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Amplifying emergence GEN002

*addition of different colors, “intention” and “trajectory” icons Tweet *addition of different colors, “intention” and “trajectory” icons Tweet
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Identifying emergence GEN001

A possible narrative framework: Generative dialogue —> Content —> Form (structure) —> Aesthetics  —> Meaning —> Intention alignment —> Action potential —> Self-organizing intention realization —> rinse. repeat. rinse. repeat. what role does chaos play in this process? the existence of free radicals generates new trajectories.  how can we design and amplify this emergent synchronicity? […]
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