The Future of Money is Going on Tour!

Back in February we presented The Future of Money and The Future of Art at Transmediale in Berlin. At the festival I had the pleasure of meeting Christian Villum, the public project lead of Creative Commons Denmark, who took an interest in The Future of Money. Here we are a couple months later, and thanks to the enthusiasm of Christian and his colleagues in Sweden, Norway and Iceland, Jay Cousins and I will be travelling north next week to present The Future of Money to the Scandinavian Creative Commons community on the Nordic CC Salon Tour.

We hope to gather some interesting new perspectives and expand the discourse to include a look at how both Jay’s efforts with Open Design City and KS12’s video sprint process embrace the very values discussed in The Future of Money. I’m personally especially curious to hear from Icelanders in light of their country’s current tough financial situation. Later this summer, if mobile payments and financial industry innovation are more your style, you’ll have a chance to catch up with Venessa Miemis in June in Mumbai or Sydney.

We’re very happy to see The Future of Money gaining traction with international offline audiences. Admittedly all this positive resonance has been a major inspiration, and another KS12 “Future of ____” project may be around the corner ‚Äď you never know! ūüėČ

For details on the tour dates see:

3 May – Copenhagen
4 May – Aarhus
5 May – Stockholm
6 May – Oslo
7 May – Reykjavik‚Äčtour

2 June – Mumbai‚Äčevents/‚Äč2011/‚ÄčInnotribe_Mumbai/‚Äč

6 June – Sydney‚Äč

Music: “Quittin Time” by Patrick Lee

CC 2011 BY-NC-SA

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