Introducing our Transmediale Interviewees

Reynold Reynolds

Influenced by philosophy and science, American-born artist and filmmaker Reynold Reynolds works primarily with 16mm and Super 8mm film as an art medium. He has developed a common film grammar based on transformation, consumption and decay. Reynolds’ depictions frequent disturbed psychological and physical themes, increasingly provoking the viewer’s participation and dismay. He was awarded the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship in 2003 and in 2004 he was invited to The American Academy in Berlin. He has received numerous awards, including the Distinction Award at transmediale.09.

Heather Kelley

Heather Kelley – moboid – is a media artist and video game designer. She is co-founder of the Kokoromi experimental game collective, creators of the GAMMA game event. Currently she designs games as interface and interaction research at Concordia University in Montreal Quebec, and heads her own software design studio Perfect Plum. Heather’s career in the games industry has included AAA next-gen console games, games for social change, interactive smart toys, handheld games, art games, and web communities for girls.

Eric Poettschacher

Eric Poettschacher lead a consultancy for over 15 years dedicated to tackling the specific challenges of creatives. He initiated the research project Mindscapes and explored decision-making patterns in a context he described as ‘Money & Meaning’. He has received training in large-group facilitation, organisational systems theory and communications management. In 2006 he incorporated Shapeshifters Information Management GmbH with a Boston based angel investor. Shapeshifters is a global knowledge broker supporting creatives with tailor-made business opportunities worldwide.

Bram Snijders

Bram Snijders (Sitd) is a Dutch media artist whose works include augmented realities, video projections, interactive installations, robotics and VJ performances. In his work, Sitd explores the possibilities of various media and digital technologies to mix virtual dimensions with the physical world. He is particularly interested in how the virtual is influenced by the physical world.

Joachim Stein

Joachim Stein is a software and occasional art designer and theorist with a strong interest in economics, especially in virtual economies. Joachim is one of the organizers of Pecha Kucha Berlin and writes the blog His most recent work is Hyperexhibition.

Ken Wahl

Ken Wahl is a painter who hails from New York. He has practiced as an artist in Paris for many years where he´s represented by the Galerie Pierre Brullé. He has contributed to art theory on Cybism with Joseph Nechvatal. Ken is currently based in Berlin.

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