Confirmed Interviewee: Zeesy Powers

Zeesy Powers

Zeesy Powers is a Toronto-based multi-disciplinary artist whose practice includes performance, painting and social practice. In 2009 she told people exactly what she thought of them in front of a live audience at a corporate “Innovation Conference,” confusing many with her lack of product. In 2008 she gave away $1000 as part of the Zeesy Powers Grant. In 2007 she was anyone’s girlfriend for 3 minutes. A graduate of OCAD, her work has been exhibited and screened across North America, Europe and Asia. Her recent projection performance, The Ghost, has been shown at CCA Kitakyushu, Yahata (2009); the Palomar5 Festival, Berlin (2009); at Drawn and Quarterly, Montreal (2010); and at 533 Gallery, Los Angeles (2010). She is also in charge of creative concepts for the Buy This Satellite project, an ambitious project to repurpose a decommissioned satellite to provide free Internet access.

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