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Immediated Autodocumentary Infographic: How to Participate in the Future of Art

Distributed Collaborative Storytelling This infographic shows how our project opens up and implodes the traditional documentary making process into a fluid, iterative cycle. And that’s where you come in. Rather than building a customized participatory website for this project, we’ve opted to distribute our efforts across the social media that we imagine you are already […]
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Introducing the Future of Art Project, an Immediated Autodocumentary

We’re making an immediated autodocumentary at Transmediale 2011. Participate by sharing your thoughts and media with us: Tweet using the #futureofart hashtag. Share your photos from the festival or images you think will be interesting to include in the video in our Flickr group ( Share field recordings or music tracks with us on SoundCloud […]
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Interview: Zeesy Powers

Skype interview number two! Zeesy Powers is an artist working with digital projection-based performances, painting, confrontational relational experiments, and online question forms, amongst other projects. She took part in the Palomar5 innovation camp and is a member of the team behind the visionary Buy This Satellite project. She gave us her thoughts on the following […]
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Interview: Aaron Koblin

We are very excited to be releasing the first of our Skype interviews! Aaron Koblin took a break from his preparations on a special interface he’s working on for the premiere of Life in a Day at the Sundance Film Festival and gave us some impressions on the following questions: Are there networked aesthetics which […]
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Eating Our Own Dog Food

Eating your own dog food is when a company uses the products that it makes. Given our recent reflections on the success of the Future of Money project, we realize we need a fundraising goal for the Future of Art project too. We hope by declaring a concrete goal we’ll give a focus to our […]
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Future of Art Videoblog: Episode 2

Reflections on the interview process. Intentions for this year’s festival. Meeting the other Open Zone participants. Tweet Reflections on the interview process. Intentions for this year’s festival. Meeting the other Open Zone participants. Tweet
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Confirmed Interviewee: Caleb Larsen

Caleb Larsen was born in 1979 in a small cabin without a toilet in a remote northern region of Michigan, USA. He has swam in the Arctic Ocean, played Wiffle Ball with Paul Auster, hitch-hiked through the Yukon, assembled bowling pins, worked as an email marketer, made over ten thousand cups of coffee, built vintage […]
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Confirmed Interviewee: Michelle Thorne

Michelle Thorne (@thornet) is the International Project Manager for Creative Commons. She organized the Free Culture Research Conference, and co-chaired Mozilla’s Drumbeat Festival on Learning, Freedom, and the Web, to forge the future of education. She co-founded the Awesome Foundation Berlin, a lightweight association to fund small projects. As a believer in making and doing […]
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Confirmed Interviewee: Mez Breeze

Mez Breeze writes unique “mezangelle” code poetry that has been equated with the work of Shakespeare, James Joyce, Emily Dickinson, and Larry Wall. She has exhibited extensively since the early 90’s (e.g. Wollongong World Women Online 1995, ISEA Chicago + ARS Electronica 1997, The Metropolitan Museum Tokyo 1999, SIGGRAPH 1999 & 2000, _Under_Score_ @The Brooklyn […]
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If You Love Something, Set it Free: Future of Art Videoblog: Episode 1

Update: We’ve decided to make our videoblog public. Limiting access was keeping us from expressing ourselves and it just didn’t feel right. Introducing Clare Molloy, our resident adjective specialist. In this episode we discuss the motivations for the topic of this project, the multiple roles we’ll be playing as we go along, as well as […]
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