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Are You Ready for the 21st Century?

Some nice provocations in this video; what do you think? Tweet
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The Future of Money on Dossier Journal

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Quantitative Easing Explained

Thanks to @keirholl for tweeting this. It’s just too funny/sad/true. Tweet
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The Future of The Future of Money

As the director and editor of The Future of Money, my intention when conducting and editing the interviews was to get people passionate. I always try to look for the transcendent and ecstatic moments in interviews, because I believe in the power of the sublime to compel people’s attention and manifest action. Given the context […]
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Future of Money Videoblog: Episode 5

We finally ate some German food, finished the certificates and went to Amsterdam. Venessa presented the project to the bankers and we participated in the Innotribe innovation sessions about the “Long Now”. traduzir, übersetzen, översätta, แปลง, traducir, перевод, 翻訳 If you’d like to help us translate the subtitles of the YouTube version of the video, […]
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