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Make it a Meme

This emergent innovation movement is rhizomatic not hierarchical. The various waves of ideas and chaordination which are helping this loosely distributed mesh of “knowmads” get together on things which matter to us are coming from all directions. There are initiators but no leaders; many alliances but few static groups. Labeling this movement will be the […]
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< object type = “obscure” name=“desire” >< / object >

Illustration by Charles Glaubitz The object as product. The time of the product as merely the output of industrial production is over. Today individuals are re-entering into the discourse of products using the same physical language of fabrication and prototyping as industrial manufacturing. Our facility with techniques such as laser cutting, CNC milling, 3D printing […]
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Manifesting the Social API

The Social API Lately there has been quite a bit of dialogue about writing a Social API (application programming interface) so that individuals and organizations can participate in “cross-platform” emergent innovation and action in a modular and plug-and-play manner. In our attempts to define what this Social API would look like, it becomes apparent it […]
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Amplifying emergence GEN002

*addition of different colors, “intention” and “trajectory” icons Tweet *addition of different colors, “intention” and “trajectory” icons Tweet
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Junto: overview of concept, philosophy, and components

Hi all! In the past few months, there has been a lot of excitement and momentum building around the Junto concept, which has been great, and expanded all of our views of where it could go. I just wanted to take the time to reclarify the philosophy, definition, and components of Junto, so that we know what steps can be carried out to bring the vision closer to a reality. Thanks again for everyone’s involvement in this collective learning and building process!
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