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I experiment with various forms of collaborative storytelling, from Postcards from Berlin to Delivered in Beta (see above). I have been testing various means for restructuring the digital video production process for the last several years, often blurring the boundary between audiences and participants. I’d like to invite you to help us make a new video that will be the first in a series which I’d like to call Parallel Processing, inspired in part by observations made by @jaycousins in his blog post Parallel Process Collaboration.

The Parallel Processing web videos will be collectively authored video essays on simultaneous developments in global innovation. They will be a combination of:

  • trend research
  • market analysis
  • future forecasting
  • future manifestation

For our first video we will be focusing on video communication tools. For the trend research and market analysis segment, we’d like to profile the following tools:

For the future forecasting segment we’ll focus on Junto:

  • Junto History
  • Current Junto Version
  • Roadmap for Junto Beta and beyond

The key message we will be how Junto differentiates itself as being part of an entire platform of emergent collaboration and discourse. The goal will be to manifest the necessary resources to bring Junto a step further along in its development by attracting the attention of the larger web development community, its programming talent and resources.

Help write the screenplay:

First we’ll need a paragraph written about each of the tools in the list above, with attention paid to strengths, weaknesses and similarities between systems. Please feel free to pick the tool you have the most experience with or interest in and contribute the paragraph in the comments on this post.

Then we’ll need the core Junto community to help tell the story of the Junto platform in a concise three paragraph structure. Ideal candidates for this part of the screenplay writing would be such individuals as @venessamiemis and @notthisbody. We should articulate why Junto represents a potentially disruptive innovation in the way we communicate and collaborate.

Once all the pieces have been submitted the most active authors will be invited to help streamline and unify all the writing to make it cohesive in its tone and style.

Help collect the assets for the video:

Once the screenplay is done we’ll continue by gathering together images and video content to use as illustrative counterpoint to the text in the screenplay. We’ll need explicit visuals for each tool profiled (screencast captures would be ideal) as well as vision-oriented animations of what the Junto system might look and feel like in the future. Certainly these animations might be inspired by the interface designs already developed by @gavinkeech.

Help make the sound:

The final screenplay will be joined to the visual assets by means of a professionally recorded voiceover. Voiceover actors with an interest in technology and the future of video communication are warmly invite to audition their versions of reading the screenplay. We may even decide to mash together multiple voiceovers. We’ll need recordings at 16 bit, 48,000 sample rate in either AIFF or WAV format. You can also donate music for the soundtrack!

I will do the editing:

My pledge is to finish the final edit of all the assets into one cohesive montage and guide this process. In exchange I am looking forward to your resolve to help us create this vital and exciting piece of audiovisual communication!

What’s in it for you:

With all participant’s names in the credits, you’ll make your entry into a new chapter of collaborative filmmaking and storytelling history while making an impact with your insights and knowledge for the greater good of the community. The video will be licensed under the CC BY-SA Creative Commons license to enable it to spread as widely as possible while giving credit where credit is due.

— Gabriel, KS12

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  1. Posted June 23, 2010 at 1:21 pm | Permalink

    Great idea Gabriel, think I might have to post something on this shortly.

    I believe that storytelling is a core element of emergent thinking. In creating future and present narratives (for the future is here, just not evenly distributed to quote William Gibson), we create the future by telling it, and then encouraging, enabling and getting out of the way of those who will build it.

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