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Change the world, or your money back!

The Tipping Bucket is manifesting a great call to action! Maybe they can help us to move forward. Tweet The Tipping Bucket is manifesting a great call to action! Maybe they can help us to move forward. Tweet
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Identifying emergence GEN001

A possible narrative framework: Generative dialogue —> Content —> Form (structure) —> Aesthetics  —> Meaning —> Intention alignment —> Action potential —> Self-organizing intention realization —> rinse. repeat. rinse. repeat. what role does chaos play in this process? the existence of free radicals generates new trajectories.  how can we design and amplify this emergent synchronicity? […]
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Clean money

The sociocultural and economic context in which the Emergence Collective operates will need some “backwards-attention” in order to smoothly emerge. Often the question of earning ones living is dwarfed by thoughts of positive innovation and peace on earth. World economics may collapse intirely in some years, or capitalism and democracy might stagnate in a eternal climax […]
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The dirty divine

Since the dawn of man the gap between life in the head and life in the world has gone increasingly out of sync. Back in the day our brains were humble servants to basic human needs, giving us the skill just to survive long enough to mate. That strand of evolution ended soon enough. Today […]
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What is Emergence?

Firstly, this is not the opinion of everybody, although it might be. But hopefully everybody else can begin to quantify what they see as Emergence and what is their context of interest. This is an important part of the parallel process we are undertaking here. Our collective self will emerge, it will not be designed, […]
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Chaordination, and the emergence of the collective will

In February we participated in a modest event at Betahaus sponsored by jovoto who kindly provided a budget of 500 Euros for some food and material costs. The event fostered a community, and a documentary, as well as numerous products and experimentation, which generated hype, which in turn generated another community. But it didn’t stop […]
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Parallel process collaboration

Below is a previous post from my blog which I include here because I believe it is an important factor in Enabling Emergent Cultures and Technology, I will attempt to quantify what I mean by this in my next post. Parallel process does not seek consensus and therefore is not restricted by individual ego, perceptions […]
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Let’s Make a Movie!

I experiment with various forms of collaborative storytelling, from Postcards from Berlin to Delivered in Beta (see above). I have been testing various means for restructuring the digital video production process for the last several years, often blurring the boundary between audiences and participants. I’d like to invite you to help us make a new […]
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What it takes to save the world.

Last night Venessa and I were discussing our desire to style ourselves as superheros when we describe the essential qualities of each member of the collective. References to games, such as Magic the Gathering, figured prominently in our imagination. Yet there was a mutual feeling that more research could be useful to determine the typical […]
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We can have our cake and eat it too.

The question is: is it any way to start a business? To plan things out in the open? No closed doors. No silos. Let’s try this; this fearless exhibition and exploration. Here’s what we know so far: We want to create a brand network entity with an impressive project-based portfolio. Our identity will be people-focused, […]
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